Do. 27.09.2012 stinking lizaveta + darsombra + watered + wreck – fatal, landau

unikneipe fatal, landau – einlass: 21h – beginn: 22h (pünktlich!!!!)

stinking lizaveta

Stinking Lizaveta is a power trio from Philadelphia that plays heavy instrumental rock. MusicMight categorizes them as „doom jazz“. Their 1996 debut album was recorded by Steve Albini. Albini was so impressed by them, he brought them to the All Tomorrow’s Parties festival he co-curated in 2004. The band’s first two albums were on Compulsiv, their third came out on Joe Lally’s now-defunct Tolotta Records label; later releases have been on At a Loss Recordings in the US and Monotreme Record in UK and Europe. Extensive touring has included supporting Clutch on a 2005 US tour, and in the UK in 2006 they toured with Clutch and Corrosion of Conformity.
The band gets its name from a character in the 1880 Russian novel The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoevsky.

stinking lizaveta hp


At times when Brian Daniloski is not going berserk on his noise rock project Meatjack, he transforms into his solo project Darsombra. Over some field recordings and soundscapes he uses and abuses his guitar for some trippy improvised drone and ambient music. Definitely not your typical background music, but well-textured and dynamic arrangements.

darsombra hp


postrock/metal aus karlsruhe



doom aus ld-city


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