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di. 27.12.2011 zentralheizung of death – proberaum, karlsruhe

Zentralheizung of Death

Zhod is an ex 2 ex 3 actually 4 piece born in the mad but excellent bionic brain of some guy called Rokko Anal-
Who claims to be the first inhuman being that created a human(looking) band to spread his debile but Genius plans all over the human race.Of course everyone knows that this is bullshit, because everyone knows and obeys Man or Astroman.

Trapped within a sticky (thumbs up) Situation between cultural damaged goods such as monstertrucks,jabba the butt, the mae shi,the famous Crocodile rock n roll Club in wutha farnroda,volume,and of course mincemeat -the mighty zhod are struggling for an identity consisting of Rather untraditional reverb-drenched guitars, spreading fuzz, Feedbacks, hyperactive lightspeed drumming, straight edge bass, theremin and crackling toy sounds.

You may ask yourself or your secretary now – are they contributing anything to this world, that they are taking so much from?

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so. 11.12.2011 – attack of the mad axeman + life ends + attention armageddon – proberaum, ka

Kaffee&Kuchen-Konzert!! 16h! Proberaum Ettlinger Str. 105 (Hinter dem Hbf)

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sa. 10.12.2011 yfere + stignoise – halle 14, karlsruhe

Halle 14 (Nördliche Uferstr. 14) – 21h


Yfere früher Brutalski-90s Screamo, heute viel Black Metal.
Mehre zu Yfere: das leben, das denken, die welt und das sein sind durchzogen von zirkularitäten und kreisläufen. es gibt keine eingleisigen entwicklungen und schon gar keine monokausale weiterentwicklung. sinn und widersinn werden entwickelt und wieder verworfen. bedeutungen und ideen werden erhellt und ausgegraben sowie gleichzeitig wieder verdunkelt oder verschüttet. der unerbittlichste zirkel ist die natur in einer ständigen verbindung von leben und tod, von Licht und dunkelheit, von entstehen und vergehen. die zirkel werden wieder und wieder eröffnet, durchschritten, geschlossen und von neuem eröffnet

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Stig Noise (aka Stig, Stig Noise Sound System, Stig Of The Dump)has been an active creative musical outlet since around 1998. Managing to exist without plan other than to not to knowingly follow in the footsteps of majority, either musically or commercially, and to create something noisey, joyful and genuine.

Furthered through discovering original teachings in movements like D.i.y, No Wave Hip Hop and Jazz mixed with continued addiction to and exploration of all things curious, intense and instinctive.None of this would be possible without a handful of amazing human beings that help make it possible for us to exist, tour and make records.

musically Stig Noise is ongoing analysis on the idea of hooks and motervational sound. Our recordings are ways to explore audio engineering skills and ideas. sharing these recordings is based on a curiosity in the wildly evolving current methods of communication … we live in messed up times… but it is fucking wonderful and we are fortunate to do these things…

Pressing these recordings into tiny little consumable hand made packages and exchange them for money, it is with genuine pride in our work and inorder to purchase fuel, transport and maintain equipment whenever it is possible for us to go on tour.

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