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fr. 26.02.2010 bruno and michel are smiling & skipperrr + hellborn messiah – proberaum hinerm hbf, karlsruhe

21h Proberaum hinter dem Hbf, Ettlinger Str/Ecke Fautenbruchstr

bruno and michel are smiling & skipperrr

Bruno & michel ist der eine und Skipperrr die andere. Das dritte bandmitglied bleibt unsichtbar als sampler im laptop, welcher diktiert ob sich die beiden eher wie eine swingband, eine grindsau oder michel verhalten sollen . Ein philosophischer dandy und ein showgirl das barbies kleine schwester sein will klauen sich einen disko-pop-krach-cut-up mutanten zusammen. Die spielen nicht mit instrumenten sondern mit deinen nerven, alte! Wer es schafft dazu zu raven kriegt den ersten platz und kein neonarmband.
aus hh.

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hellborn messiah

crüste aus freiburg!

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sa. 23.01.2010 a.p.a.t.t. + gregaldur + mustafa moustache – cafe nancy, karlsruhe

!!!!!!!!!!!ACHTUNG!!!!!! SECRET SHOW, WER WISSEN WILL WO:!!!!!!!


Exploring similar landscapes to Frank Zappa – minus the virtuoso elements – Liverpool-based a.P.A.t.T. are a bewildering and completely original two to seven piece band, utilising all available genres to create a daft and beautiful music. ‚Black and White Mass‘ sets a new standard in home entertainment, featuring some of a.P.A.t.T.’s most accessible compositions to date, whilst still retaining an element of surprise.

Some bands are just damned impossible to classify: a.P.A.t.T. are a (usually) 6-peice amalgamation of all that has come before & all that will slowly catch up in the end. Beyond genre defying: every instrument and style you can think of, mashed up together in jaw-dropping live performances. The experimental and chaotic beeps, buzzes and blips of a.P.A.t.T., (described on the BBC Merseyside website as sounding like Frank Zappa having a fist fight with Mighty Mouse) have steadily built up a growing army of admirers. They were featured on the promotional video for Liverpool’s Capital of Culture bid, and have recently staged a multi-media installation called ‚Quartet‘, featuring four films projected whilst the band performed inside. As if this wasn‘t enough, they even found time to compose the incidental music for the BBC Radio Merseyside alternative music show, PMS.

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Worst boys band himself : self-destruction de-construction intro-duction proto-frustration alcohol-ignition music-solution.
You could think about … RESIDENTS, CHANTAL GOYA, PASCAL COMELADE … and GREGALDUR, for sure !
A good guitarist is a dead one

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moustafa moustache

Improbable & dansable intrepid hybrid between jungle & pop, dance & core, techno & punk ? Music & noise straight from the desert, no dessert !
You could think about … BONEY M, MILLI VANILLI, PLASTIC BERTRAND … and UNLOGISTIC, hic !
Stop these false sulphurous cheatings : this „menage a trois“ stinks rocknroll swindle without underwear, thats all.

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21h – Cafe Nancy, Karlsruhe, Festplatz (Haltestelle Kongresszentrum)